About the Coach
My name is Sharon and I am the coach behind New Endings. I have a Masters in Adult Development and a Bachelors in Education. For thirteen years, I have taught, mentored, facilitated, and coached. Find out more about me...
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Coach's Message
Would you like to start over, feel understood, achieve good grades, not fear school, realize confidence, attain focus, believe in the future, enjoy learning, not feel like a failure, achieve your goals, or find your passion? Find out how...
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Value of a Coach
What can an educational and career coach help you accomplish? Why does this type of coaching matter? How has the system failed you? What can you do to adapt? Find out the answers...

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Coaching Options
Who can benefit from educational and career coaching? What type of resources are available? What are others saying about Sharon as a coach?
**Coaching sessions can be held in-person or via Skype.
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